4. Karl Linnas’ case

(United States v. Karl Linnas, No.79 C2966 July 30, 1981. 527 Federal Supplement, pp. 426 – 443)

“At the Kuperjanov Barracks ….. approximately 1,200 arrestees were held since inception of German occupation …. The greater part of them involved persons who were arrested for communist activity.
504 persons were set at liberty, after inquiries were completed and they were registered in lists.
150 persons were released since there were obviously no grounds for arrest.
291 persons were transferred to the detention camp established and supervised by the German Tartu Military Administration Headquarters.
A total of 405 persons were executed in Tartu, including 50 Jews.”

Obviously those 405 persons were not innocent civilians, but murderers, rapists, arsonists and looters, all found guilty in crimes punishable by death under Martial Law. The 50 Jews were executed for those crimes, not because they were Jews.

Karl Linnas was never charged with the murder of 12,000 people as claimed in the media and by Jewish groups (in some media reports 22,000 Jewish women and children were killed). In the original charge brought against him at the Sham Trial by the Soviets in 1961, was “ordering the execution of 200 political prisoners”. U,S, Government records reveal that the 12,000, or the 22,000 figures are preposterously inflated.

The only thing Mr.Linnas has ever been found guilty of is falsifying his USA visa application form. “The inescapable conclusion is that defendant unlawfully entered the country because of the willful misrepresentations he made to the CIC and the INS for the purpose of gaining entrance into the United States”(United States v. Karl Linnas, p. 439), And yet, in the media he has been described as a “Convicted Nazi War Criminal who was a commandant of an Estonian camp”.

Karl Linnas was deported by U.S. authorities to the hands of the Soviets and died in suspicious circumstances in Leningrad.